• Agriculture (Wheat, Cattle, Cotton, Grasslands, Peanuts)

  • Clothing

  • Communications (Radio, T. V.; Computers; Phones)

  • Community Shops and Stores

  • Education

  • Family Life

  • Famous Route 66

  • Immigration to U.S.A.

  • Military and Patriotism

  • Music and Art

  • Religious Faiths

  • Scientific Discoveries and Inventions

  • Sports

  • Vintage Automobiles/Tractors


Fifty pound bags of flour and potatoes are hoisted over his shoulder and thrown in the back of the horse-drawn buggy. Going to the General Store once a month was quite the deal. Smell those fresh coffee beans as the aroma wafts across the room toward the yards and yards of fabric for Ma to make a brand new dress. Large jars of candy are seen with the hopes that the shopkeeper will let you put your hand in and draw out a sweet delicacy. Large cans of lard are atop the racks of canned oats and fruit. Hams and sausages hang high from a pole next to large cans of sweet, tasty syrup. All of this can be found in our "General Store" exhibit.


The Heartland of America Heritage Foundation 501 (c) (3) has been established to preserve historical artifacts and to provide authentic and educational displays of the various aspects of life in the Heartland of America.




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