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  • Agriculture (Wheat, Cattle, Cotton, Grasslands, Peanuts)

  • Clothing

  • Communications (Radio, T. V.; Computers; Phones)

  • Community Shops and Stores

  • Education

  • Family Life

  • Famous Route 66

  • Immigration to U.S.A.

  • Military and Patriotism

  • Music and Art

  • Religious Faiths

  • Scientific Discoveries and Inventions

  • Sports

  • Vintage Automobiles/Tractors


Fifty pound bags of flour and potatoes are hoisted over his shoulder and thrown in the back of the horse-drawn buggy. Going to the General Store once a month was quite the deal. Smell those fresh coffee beans as the aroma wafts across the room toward the yards and yards of fabric for Ma to make a brand new dress. Large jars of candy are seen with the hopes that the shopkeeper will let you put your hand in and draw out a sweet delicacy. Large cans of lard are atop the racks of canned oats and fruit. Hams and sausages hang high from a pole next to large cans of sweet, tasty syrup. All of this can be found in our "General Store" exhibit.

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